Lesson Plans

Conduct experiments and learn about space in these fun science-based lessons.

On Newton’s Wings

Students learn about the scientific process by setting up an experiment with various parachute sizes and objects.

Space Racers Lesson Plan

Shadow Time

Students learn about and experiment with shadows by using their own shadows and the shadows of various objects.

Space Racers Lesson Plan

Cosmic Craters

Students learn about craters and conduct experiments to explore what might cause craters to vary in size and shape.

Space Racers Lesson Plan

A Team Approach

Students work together in order to successfully complete a series of tasks, including working with building blocks.

Space Racers Lesson Plan

Shape Adventures

Explore shapes through a variety of fun hands-on activities, including a shape-sorting game and a scavenger hunt.

Space Racers Lesson Plan

Topsy Turvy Field Trip

Students learn the importance of working together with others as they make choices about what to take with them on a field trip.

Space Racers Lesson Plan

Revolving Planets

Students take on the roles of different planets and the sun to learn all about how planets revolve around the sun.

Space Racers Lesson Plan

The Right Tools for the Task

Learn all about the different types of tools, and how to find the right tool for whatever task you’re doing.

Space Racers Lesson Plan

The Bounciest Ball Experiment

Conduct experiments with different balls to observe which bounce the highest and to see how to make them bounce higher.

Space Racers Lesson Plan

Marble Racers

Create racetracks for marbles and experiment with designs to improve the way the marbles travel down the course.

Space Racers Lesson Plan

Roll, Pitch, Yaw

Your students will be “flying” around the room in this activity that explores the flight terms, “roll,” “pitch,” and “yaw.”

Space Racers Activity

Moon Phases

Explore the moon and observe its different phases using the Space Racers Moon chart, flipbook and moon phases cards.

Space Racers Activity

Planet Jumble

Students learn the names of the planets in the solar system and play a fun game where they learn the order of the planets.

Space Racers Activity

Sensory Detectives

Students to use their senses to explore, gather clues, and identify everyday objects in this fun hands-on lesson.

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