Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Lunar Eclipses

(and other fun Moon facts)

Lunar Eclipse

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

Learn more about lunar eclipses, why they happen, and other interesting facts about the Moon.

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Lunar Eclipse

Lesson Plan: Shadow Time

Students learn about and experiment with shadows by using their own shadows and the shadows of various objects.

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Lunar Eclipse

Family Activity: Moon Time

Explore the moon and observe its different phases with this fun activity.

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Lunar Eclipse

Sing the Lunar Tune!

Sing and dance with the Space Racers “Lunar Tune” music video on YouTube! Download the lyric sheet on our Print page and get the song on iTunes or Amazon.

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Lunar Eclipse

Visit the Moon with the Space Racers

Watch “Loon on the Moon” on our YouTube channel The cadets are on assignment to the Moon under the watchful eye of Loon, the eccentric Chief Engineer of Stardust Bay’s Lunar Campus.

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Lunar Eclipse

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