Educational Philosophy

Space Racers is on a mission to help children learn about science, space, and teamwork.

Space Racers provides young children with exposure to key aspects of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum. By focusing on science and technology concepts, information, methods, and practices, the series helps set the stage for future success in these critical academic areas. Set in a rich and exciting world with space as its focus, the series also promotes the idea that space exploration helps us to learn new things, understand the world we live in, and make it a better place. Each episode taps into children’s curiosity and interest in this important topic, laying the foundation for a positive attitude that can carry over into early school experiences with this content area.

Space Racers is built on the premise that scientific exploration and investigation are often highly collaborative processes, where knowledge building requires working with others, respect for differences, and an open mind. With an underlying theme of teamwork and cooperation, the series models a range of useful strategies, thought processes, and approaches, helping young children to develop these essential, age-appropriate skills. This collaboration guides the series’ storytelling, highlighting specific behaviors that can help to make one an effective and valuable member of a team.

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